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 Jimi Hendrix photographed by Nico Van Der Stam, 1967.

brando at the last live show.


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Stoked on this new Reckling

Velociraptor! was released three years ago today!


The Doors onstage at London’s Roundhouse 

130. Jeff Buckley - Grace
There are times when I actually miss Tower Records and Borders. Any time I find myself in my childhood bedroom when I visit my folks, I am reminded immediately about how many CD’s I bought as a teenager. I had a steady job through all of High School, and every two weeks I would find myself at one of those retailers buying some music. I would carry around this post-it note in my wallet of records I would eventually like to purchase, and one by one I would cross things off the list. My parents had a pretty decent amount of CD’s, but it had a lot of holes in the classic rock sense. However, they had every Billy Joel album, and lord knows I know nearly every word on those albums since I heard it so many times.One time at Borders I picked up this magazine that listed by decade, genre, and sub-genre, what they deemed “essential.” This was great for me as it helped sort of guide me some things that I should have if I wanted to achieve my goal of becoming a sort of encyclopedia of music knowledge. One of the albums on the list was Jeff Buckley’s “Grace.” Now I had heard “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” before I purchased this, as well as the tales of how amazing “Hallelujah” was, so I was very happy to find this in a bin of “Nice Price” albums for 6 or 7 dollars at Tower Records.My god, that voice just entranced me. I became obsessed with this album that summer. If it wasn’t for my iPod, I would’ve probably played out this album on CD, and would’ve had to buy a new one. That summer I was doing sound and lights for a local theater camp that I had formerly attended. I must’ve played this album on the house PA at some point, because the theater director gave me a copy of “Mystery White Boy” as a thank you gift. I devoured that album too, and it gave me my first introduction to Big Star (even though I didn’t know it at the time).
A few weeks ago, this album celebrated its 20th anniversary. I hadn’t listened to it in years, but like an old friend, it was nice to catch up.