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At Guitar Center Podcast taping out of the vintage room of GC Hollywood with Leeds’ Eagulls. Videos and interview with Nic Harcourt to come. http://gc.guitarcenter.

Jeff Buckley | Nightmares By The Sea, live at Arleneā€™s Grocery, NYC (February 9, 1997)

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Chilli Jesson @ Palma Violets 20/11/13.  Green Room, Sheffield.

The Fillmore @San Francisco 24.Sep.2014
photo by Adriana Marrero via SYNESTHESIA

Eagulls NYC in 1 week

 joshuaatkins ”Post shoot with @childhoodmusicuk”

"They found out I sang and they asked me to come," Jeff says now of the tribute concert. "I realized I probably wouldn’t ever have another chance to pay my respects, no matter what kind of twisted feelings I have about Tim, no matter what kind of pain or anger I have against him—whatever I haven’t come to terms with. The fact that I never got to go to his funeral always bothered me. And I thought, I can sink down with this or I can get off it, and then whatever sort of development I’ve gone through, at least I’ve done that."
Jeff Buckley 
The Arrival of Jeff Buckley by Bill Flanagan 1994
Photo- Jeff at St Ann’s in April 1991

Mark E. Smith of The Fall

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Zombie - Jamie T (2014)